Nov. 5th, 2010

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Wow, it's been a while. Every year, September and October are this insane black hole of being ridiculously busy and then not being able to figure out why afterwards. It used to make sense, but it's a while since I actually worked to an academic schedule. I think too many years of school and uni and stuff left it so ingrained that now I forget that autumn does not equal a new year and I don't need to mark it by taking on way more than I can manage.

Things have mostly balanced out and I have some free time that does not involve entertaining the Naughtiest Niece and celebrating other people's birthdays and generally being more sociable than I really find relaxing. And so here I am. Please tell me the US autumn TV schedule has thrown up something worth watching. Or rec me some lengthy and awesome fic - the last couple of things I read were Inception & Generation Kill, but I am open to just about anything - and help me spend a weekend being completely lazy and self-indulgent and pretending I am too busy to babysit.

Alternatively, tell me something that is going on with you while I stop being all selfish and demanding and find something for myself. That might work better! I have missed you muchly, flist.


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