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Stuff what happened:

- My sister got engaged. Fortunately it was Biggest!Little!Sis. The younger ones reaching that point would be too scary for words.

- Doctor Who continues to be awesome. Amy Pond continues to be awesomer.

- Middle!Little!Sis came back from uni (in Northern Ireland) for the weekend and for B!L!S's engagement party, and now can't fly home due to volcanic ash.

- It's gone all-general-election-all-the-time around here. I am torn between the part of me that is a great big politics nerd and loves the whole thing, and the part of me that finds it very hard to give any credence to the idea that the Conservatives have changed at all and dreads the prospect of a Tory-led government. It really doesn't help that in my constituency (the only currently Tory-held one in the county) neither UKIP (xenophobic) nor the BNP (racist) feel the need to field a candidate. Apparently the sitting MP does their work here adequately anyway.

The three things he's promising to continue to do as my MP:
- campaign for prisoners to serve their sentence in full
- fight for tighter border controls which would reduce immigration by 75%
- do all he can to roll back the tide of damaging political correctness

Philip Davies MP bombarded watchdog in 'political correctness' campaign

He's a member of the Campaign Against Political Correctness lobby group.

Add to that this article: Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to 'cure' gay people, and Labour would have to fail a whole lot harder than some people think they have before this would become an acceptable alternative for me.

The reality is, Philip Davies will probably get back in. He had a tiny majority (0.97%) at the last election, but it's traditionally a Tory seat, which Labour took in 1997 and held until 2005. It doesn't help that there's been a boundary change so no one is really sure what the voting will be, or that it's been totally ignored by both major parties even though it's a marginal seat.

For the rest of the country:

- the Daily Mirror (yes, really) has a guide to tactical voting: [General election tactical voting guide: How you can save Britain from a Tory nightmare ].

- Stephen Fry talks about voting: [How I will vote].

- Gordon Brown makes an actually quite rousing speech to Citizens UK. In which he finally remembers that Labour actually does some pretty important stuff in between illegal wars and banking crises (minimum wage, health, education): [Battered Gordon Brown finds his voice].

- Find out what the incumbent MP in your constituency does/thinks/votes: [TheyWorkForYou].


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