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...or many songs, even.

Song of the week so far: Cranberry by The Ruby Suns, which you can get for free here (right-click & save)

Other music stuff: The Guardian is streaming the new Gorillaz album in full: Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Somewhere very else on the spectrum of my musical tastes, NPR has the new Joanna Newsom. Fair warning, it's 3 discs and about 15 years (okay, 2 hours) long: Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

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links to the outside world, in lieu of content:

The 50 worst movies ever as voted by Empire readers. Does exactly what it says on the tin

Things that give you cancer. So says the Daily Fail Mail. They include water, sex, babies, cooking and dieting. Oh, and the internet, so you probably shouldn't read it after all. [Facebook]

The 100 Games Cupcake Game. Identify the game each cupcake represents.

United State of Pop 2009: Blame It On The Pop - DJ Earworm remixes the top 25 Billboard hits of 2009 and makes something that is actually greater than the sum of its parts. [Youtube]
The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn - The background music is slightly annoying, but the nostalgia is fun. [Youtube]

Yes, I have a lot of work I am putting off doing. How could you tell?
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Months should not start on Sundays. I was totally planning on doing something in the spirit of [ profile] wrisomifu or NaBloPoMo this month, but Sundays are always for napping and reading and watching the X Factor results show, and the first day of the month is almost always my day off, because the last day of the month is my busiest day. When those two things are combined, the chances of me doing anything more productive than making a fresh pot of tea basically drop down to zero.

On the upside, it was a lovely lazy Sunday and I am feeling all refreshed and ready for the week, even if it did turn into winter basically overnight. And there's no reason why I can't have a PostAlmostEveryDayMonth. Althought PAEDM is probably not the name to go with.

Empire is bringing today's timewasters, with The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (complete with buttons to tell them how wrong the list is) and The Moviegoer's Guide To The Galaxy: The interstellar holiday destinations you should consider. Snowboarding on Hoth, anyone?
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day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

BigHugeLabs is a treasure trove of nifty tools, mostly for doing things with photos, although my favourite thing on there - Ideas - is not specifically photo related. Type in a word and, as they say, receive a page chock-full of inspiration, sourced from Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, Etsy and the like. Not just a site, but a source of endless hours of wasted time, which is what the internet is really for, after all.


I got up with The Naughtiest Niece this morning. We made breakfast (and then ate cake) and watched Toy Story and did some drawing and sticking. And then it was time for me to stop pretending I was 3 again and do some work instead. It was awesome while it lasted.

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