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Happy 2010, darling flist.

This is totally a placeholder post so that my attempting to be more posty this year doesn't fail before it even starts. That said, there is so much I could ramble on about. I've had a delightful holiday season, full of good food and good company and some really excellent cocktails. Also, presents.

New Year was a little quieter than Christmas. My philosophy for last night was pretty much keep my head down and wait for 2009 to be finally over, because it has been a seriously crappy year in many small ways, kind of a whole life equivalent of death by a thousand cuts. But that is done with now, and 2010 can surely only be better. For the record, it is totally impossible to type while simultaneously touching wood and crossing ones fingers and toes!

I am simultaneously dreading and eagerly anticipating today's Doctor Who. On the one hand, I will be so sad to see Ten/Tennant go. On the other hand, what's not to love about spoilers for the Christmas Day ep )

More on that later, maybe, if the experience is not too traumatic for words. In the meantime, what's going on with you, flist? Was your winter god of choice good to you? What New Year's Resolutions are you planning to break? How does Santa get down the chimney when Daddy has boarded it up to stop soot falling down? Enquiring Naughtiest Nieces still want to know.

I want to do a somewhat belated best of 2009 post, full of book and music and fic recs and stuff, but my roast beef and yorkshire pudding is calling, so that will also have to wait.


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