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I am being stalked. Three times yesterday, I looked up to find a pigeon (the second time there were two pigeons) looking in my window.

In all the time I have had this room, I have never seen a bird land on my windowsill. Having three birds (or maybe one bird three times, although once it brought a friend) in one day feels seriously Hitchcockian.

Of course it was a gorgeous day and the window was wide open so as well as my perfectly natural concern about stalker-pigeons, I also got to worry about one flying in and having to try and remove it.

My fear loathing of pigeons is pretty well documented, but I don't think flying rats are much into reading online journals.* Perhaps one saw the The Birds original cinema billboard poster hanging on my wall and mistook it as evidence of friendliness rather than a sign that I love films that creep the hell out of me. Either way, weirdness.

I have Doctor Who thoughts but they will wait until later, possibly even until I have seen the second part. Happy Monday, flist. Watch out for evil birds.

*And it has been such a long time that I no longer have my pigeon icon. The apocalypse will have to do instead.

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...okay, so two thirds of the way through September is possibly a little late for that, but the part of my summer that was most like a holiday (and in terms of weather, the most like summer since early June), was the period at the end of August/beginning of September that I spent housesitting for friends whose house has a delightfully large garden and a raised balcony overlooking it. It has been long enough since I had an actual holiday that two weeks of that was a genuine luxury.

Anyway, MiddleLittle!Sis and Little!Bro (who at 6'3" is about 7 inches taller than BigLittle!Bro!) have deserted Bradford and headed off to uni and the world has gone back at school and the heating has had to be turned on a few times so it is officially no longer summer.

The parts of my summer that were about fannish activity rather than work, or trying to make the most of every tiny scrap of sunshine, or spending more time entertaining The Naughtiest Niece than anyone not a parent ought to have to, had a recurring bad-guys-as-good-guys theme.

I have been working my way through both Leverage and White Collar, and rewatching old episodes of Hustle, which I have to admit I still love more than either of the others, and then I saw Inception and my brain exploded.

If you ever want to take a measure of your grasp on reality, try watching Inception twice in a week and then walking into a room where your parents are watching La Vie En Rose. I am not quite as grounded as I thought I was!

This post is mostly for the purpose of making my calendar flip over from August to September finally, but I really am going to try and be here more.

There is fic I want to rec and pictures I want to post and I've spent so much of my life in education that September always seems like the best time to start things anew, with far more chance of sticking than New Year's resolutions ever have. Or is that just me?

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- I forget sometimes that I am not a teenager any more. Then I go out on Saturday night and have dinner and a few drinks over the course of several hours and lose the entire next day to the need to sleep and nap and sleep some more. It probably did not help that I spent most of Saturday day babysitting the naughtiest niece, who was at her very naughtiest. Wine and exhaustion and a very late night do not make for a particularly productive morning after the night before.

Skimming my flist just now, booze seems to have been a recurring theme for the weekend. Maybe it's a summer thing, although given the lack of anything resembling a real summer here, maybe not.

- I need sunshine so badly it hurts.

- I spent my recovery time flaked out with DVDs and tea. I watched Fish Tank, In The Loop and some of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC miniseries, not the film. It's my favourite comfort TV). All of which I recommend, although they are good in very different ways and Fish Tank was probably a bit heavy for watching with a not-quite-hangover.

The British theme (and the recurring Tom Hollander) was entirely unintentional.

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This week month I have mostly been...

...watching TV. This is my favourite part of the TV year. Wimbledon, Glastonbury, World Cup. There's probably an argument to be made for going and seeing these things in person instead of enjoying them via the screen, but I am very fond of my sofa. And indoor plumbing. It has been lovely.

Granted, the World Cup has been a little disappointing for England, but on balance I have decided that this is a Good Thing. The dream of success was fun, but the thought of the ConDems dining out for the next four years on pictures of David Cameron shaking hands with Steven Gerrard is the stuff of nightmares.

- I watched the Star Trek movie and enjoyed it quite a lot, supporting my theory that my aversion to the series is Shatner-related.

- other than spending more of my leisure time with TV than computer for the first time in a long time, I have been enjoying the fairly consistent sunshine and wrangling babysitting my niece, who is awesome but exhausting.


Jun. 14th, 2010 05:25 pm
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- I aten't dead. I have the cold from hell, but that has very little to do with my ongoing LJ absence. And probably isn't fatal.

- I went to see Cirque du Soleil on Saturday afternoon. It was awesome. I then watched some football that was slightly less awesome.

- I have not yet caught up on Saturday's Doctor Who. I will be sad if that is not awesome.

- Mostly, life the last few weeks has been a lot of work, eat, sleep, niece-sit, sleep, sleep, sleep. I can't believe I haven't been posting more with all that going on! What's new with you, flist?
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Happy 2010, darling flist.

This is totally a placeholder post so that my attempting to be more posty this year doesn't fail before it even starts. That said, there is so much I could ramble on about. I've had a delightful holiday season, full of good food and good company and some really excellent cocktails. Also, presents.

New Year was a little quieter than Christmas. My philosophy for last night was pretty much keep my head down and wait for 2009 to be finally over, because it has been a seriously crappy year in many small ways, kind of a whole life equivalent of death by a thousand cuts. But that is done with now, and 2010 can surely only be better. For the record, it is totally impossible to type while simultaneously touching wood and crossing ones fingers and toes!

I am simultaneously dreading and eagerly anticipating today's Doctor Who. On the one hand, I will be so sad to see Ten/Tennant go. On the other hand, what's not to love about spoilers for the Christmas Day ep )

More on that later, maybe, if the experience is not too traumatic for words. In the meantime, what's going on with you, flist? Was your winter god of choice good to you? What New Year's Resolutions are you planning to break? How does Santa get down the chimney when Daddy has boarded it up to stop soot falling down? Enquiring Naughtiest Nieces still want to know.

I want to do a somewhat belated best of 2009 post, full of book and music and fic recs and stuff, but my roast beef and yorkshire pudding is calling, so that will also have to wait.


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