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There's a Doctor Who monster-off at the Guardian. Spoilery up to the trailer for tomorrow's ep (so excited, omg).

Did a minor flist tweak. Mostly housekeeping. As ever, it's not you, it's me.

Am trying short posts (and abandoning pronouns, apparently), in an attempt to post things rather than just thinking 'I should mention that when I post later' and then never posting at all because I can't decide/remember the things to mention.

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The problem with long weekends is that they are almost always followed by weeks. I did not want to do anything this morning. Vast amounts of coffee and Creme Eggs are helping with that, though.

My holiday weekend was heavy on extended family, but surprisingly light on the usually inevitable related drama, so between that and the caffeine/sugar rush I am feeling pretty good.

Doctor Who also helped. So awesome. I was always pretty happy with the idea of Matt Smith, who I really liked in Party Animals, and everything else was good too, so I am excited to see where they go.

I have deeper (or maybe just broader) thoughts than that, but an lj cut and extended typing seems like a lot of effort, so maybe later. For now, I will say this - whatever the Doctor/Amy shippers christen the pairing, in my head they will be Legs Eleven.

Probably a nickname that is lost on non-Brit viewers, as I suspect that Bingo calling nicknames are not universal, but whatever. I am easily amused.

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The Beeb has posted a teaser with the new Doctor Who logo for 2010. Screencaps of the logo / title screen under the cut. Cutting for space, not because I consider a logo to be a spoiler!

the trip of a lifetime )

I quite like it, even if they didn't necessarily need a whole new look.


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