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- I forget sometimes that I am not a teenager any more. Then I go out on Saturday night and have dinner and a few drinks over the course of several hours and lose the entire next day to the need to sleep and nap and sleep some more. It probably did not help that I spent most of Saturday day babysitting the naughtiest niece, who was at her very naughtiest. Wine and exhaustion and a very late night do not make for a particularly productive morning after the night before.

Skimming my flist just now, booze seems to have been a recurring theme for the weekend. Maybe it's a summer thing, although given the lack of anything resembling a real summer here, maybe not.

- I need sunshine so badly it hurts.

- I spent my recovery time flaked out with DVDs and tea. I watched Fish Tank, In The Loop and some of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC miniseries, not the film. It's my favourite comfort TV). All of which I recommend, although they are good in very different ways and Fish Tank was probably a bit heavy for watching with a not-quite-hangover.

The British theme (and the recurring Tom Hollander) was entirely unintentional.

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2012 - Exclusive Scene

Apocalypse, yay. Probably I should have some minor shame about the fact that if a film is about the end of the world, I will watch it, probably repeatedly, regardless of how much or little it sucks. But I don't. I am looking forward to this ridiculously much.


ION, this week is kicking my ass. I really want to talk about all the TV I am watching (as it airs in the UK, which is rare for me), but I have so much to do before I can call this the weekend that it will have to wait.
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