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...or many songs, even.

Song of the week so far: Cranberry by The Ruby Suns, which you can get for free here (right-click & save)

Other music stuff: The Guardian is streaming the new Gorillaz album in full: Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Somewhere very else on the spectrum of my musical tastes, NPR has the new Joanna Newsom. Fair warning, it's 3 discs and about 15 years (okay, 2 hours) long: Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

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You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here's the game! Hit shuffle on your iPod/iTunes or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful.

1. Hombre - M.I.A.
2. Small Town - Morcheeba
3. It Was Supposed to Be So Easy - The Streets
4. In The City - The Jam
5. Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem
6. Vehicles & Animals - Athlete
7. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
8. Woodstock - Joni Mitchell
the rest )

Representative? Maybe. My current listening is probably a lot more pop-heavy than this. And 2 songs from the same album seems a bit skewed given there are nearly 5,500 songs in my iTunes library. Probably much less embarrassing than it could be, if I was the sort of person to be embarrassed by the things I like.
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Let's try picking this back up again.

Giving Up The Gun. Awesomely silly video for new Vampire Weekend song. Guest stars include Jake Gyllenhaal, RZA and Joe Jonas. Sometimes things that do not logically go together just do and apparently my love for the randomest of crossovers is not limited to the written word. [from Pitchfork]

I do not have an appropriate icon for ridiculous music videos. That seems wrong somehow.

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Songs I have been listening to a lot recently include Ambling Alp by Yeasayer. Kind of upbeat experimental indie rock (to balance out the electro/pop skew of my best from 2009 playlist).

If that's your thing, the band are giving the single away free here. Site contains nudity, so you might not want to download from work or whatever.

The album, Odd Blood, is out in February.

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The Guardian has a preview of Jarvis Cocker's song for the Fantastic Mr Fox film: Fantastic Mr Fox AKA Petey's Song. It is every bit as surreal as one would expect a Jarvis-Roald Dahl mashup to be!


I have had a delightfully lazy weekend, which is making today seriously challenging. I want to go back to my bed and my tea and my books but instead I am drinking too much coffee, avoiding my inbox, and answering increasingly stupid questions. It is definitely Monday.
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happy monday, flist. i am having a crazy hectic day, but i am determined to at least try and stick to posting regularly. as it's monday and I am using last week's meme as inspiration, have a song:

Erin McKeown - The Foxes. From her new album, Hundreds of Lions, which is out on 13 October.



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