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Things that are not improving my day

- Anti-abortion protestors holding prayer vigils outside Marie Stopes clinics. There is a list in my head of things I think the US does better and that we should learn/steal. This is pretty much the opposite of that.

Things that are improving my day:

- The Harry Potter cast summing up their movie making experience in one word.

This is heartwarming and funny and makes me a little bit sad, and every actor's response is pretty much exactly what you would expect from them. It does exactly what it's supposed to.

My absolute favourite thing about it, though, is Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), whose understated response could not be more quintessentially Yorkshire if he tried. So much love.


The second thing is not quite awesome enough to make up for the first and the larger trend of which it is a part, but I also had a lovely lazy long weekend, dinner with my entire family yesterday (11 people, awesome food and so much noise - kind of like if The Waltons went in for wine and snarkiness rather than all-American wholesomeness and annoying voiceovers), and there is sunshine. As Matthew Lewis would say, 's aright.
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Header on the local newspaper stand today: Elvis fan jailed for cruelty to pigs.

I just...I know epithets are a popular tool, especially when it comes to sensationalistic journalism, but you can usually see the relevance even if you don't agree with the subtext. Unless he (or she, I guess) was being cruel to the pigs by forcing them to watch him sing Jailhouse Rock*, then why go there. I refuse to believe there is anyone in the world whose only distinguishing feature is their taste in music.

* That really was just the first Elvis song that came to mind. Now I kind of wish I'd read the article to see if the writer went there.


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