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Birthdate:Feb 7
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
yorkshire lass. freelancer. fangirl. high-caffeine. low-maintenance. once upon a time, this space was all buffyverse all the time, but then there were films about hobbits and books about wizards and tv shows about superheros and people stranded on a desert island and people who work in the white house and all of a sudden it's a fannish free-for-all. my interests are a rough guide, although not a complete one, to things you may find here.

also, i talk about coffee too much a lot and gratuitously mention [info]swmbo at least once a day. i think those things may be related.

i may at any time and without warning talk about any or all of the above, sometimes in strange combinations that make sense only to me, and the talk will range from trying to be smart and meta to flailing and squeeing and demanding porn. i'm having fun whichever.

which is to say that pretty much anything goes. although i don't subscribe to the notion that politics and religion should not be discussed in polite company, i do subscribe to the notion of catching more flies with honey than vinegar, and i live in hope of polite company. debate is welcome. vitriol is not.

insofar as i have anything like a friending policy, that's it. friend, don't friend, defriend. it's all fine. i read and very occasionally write rps/rpf, if that's a dealbreaker. if you are here, you might as well talk to me though.


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Old posts are currently locked. Just ask if there's anything you want at and I'll friend you.
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